Leaders in Learning


Who We Are

Project Literacy was established in 1973 to organise volunteers to teach basic literacy and sewing to domestic workers and gardeners living in urban areas.

Our mission is to deliver a wide range of education and training programmes to educationally disadvantaged adults, youth and children by way of adult education centres, teacher training, curriculum development and community outreach.

What We Do

Adult Education and Training

Project Literacy has a robust and dedicated approach to planning and implementing AET/FLC/RPL programmes

Run Home to Read

Our funded family literacy programme encourages parents and caregivers to develop their childrens’ early literacy skills.

Material Development

We develop educational materials in all South African languages relevant to each community.

Make an Impact

Project Literacy is dedicated to promoting literacy and we work with individuals, communities and government to do so. With your help, we can make a greater impact in peoples’ lives